Playgroup provides an opportunity for Parents and Children to enjoy the use of the kindergarten equipment and facilities while meeting other Families in the community. It is also a good way for Children to become familiar with the kindergarten environment.

We ask that Parents be responsible for their own child, the equipment used while at the kindergarten and to assist with cleaning up at the end.

Session Times

Friday 9:00am – 10:30am.

Term 3
Week 2 – Week 9

More Information

Piece of fruit

Please bring a piece of fruit. The fruit is cut up and shared if appropriate for your child.

Group time

The session finishes with a short group time including songs and a story. Playgroup is led by an early childhood educator. Other staff are available but involved in curriculum planning and administration at this time.

Playgroup operation

Playgroup operates during the kindergarten terms. It commences on the first Friday of each term, however there is no playgroup on the last Friday of the term.



Playgroup cost is $4 a visit.
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