Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in the management, administration, and daily activities is vital for the kindergarten to operate effectively.

Collaborative and supportive partnerships with Families developed through regular interactions and sharing of information are integral to our learning program.

Governing Council

Parents are invited to join the Governing Council at the Annual General Meeting which is held in November each year. All Parents are welcome to attend and contribute to the decision making and management of the kindergarten.

Currently the Governing Council meets in Week 2 and Week 7 of each term. This year meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. This may vary each year according to the availability of the majority of the members.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents are required to sign in and out when bringing and collecting your child.
  • Respect session times when bringing and collecting your child.
  • Staff prefer prior arrangement is made should it be necessary to arrive before kindergarten commences as they are involved in preparing the learning environment.
  • Collect your child punctually at the end of a session. Should an emergency arise, please phone the kindergarten so that the staff can reassure your child, as late collection can be upsetting.
  • Accompany your child safely into the kindergarten building so that their arrival is accounted for by a staff member.
  • If your child is to be collected by a person other than yourself, please advise staff by phone call or record the person’s name and contact number in the notes section of the sign on sheet.
  • Check your notice holder regularly for notices, etc.
  • Notify staff if there is a change to home address, telephone number, work phone number, or the child’s medical records.

Parents can also be involved in the following ways

  • Helping the children with activities and games, reading to children during session time.
  • Cooking with the children.
  • Extend the kindergarten curriculum by sharing occupations, interests or skills.
  • Participating in working bees.
  • Attending Open Nights, Parent Meetings and Social Functions.
  • Helping with rosters.
  • Reading newsletters and notice boards.
  • Assisting with excursions.
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