Preschool Information

Each child is entitled to access 15 hours of preschool a week. At Hackney this is offered as 2 full days. Families can choose for their child to attend either on a Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Starting at Hackney

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Preschool Times

Group 1: Monday & Tuesday

8:30am – 3:30pm

Group 2: Wednesday & Thursday

8:30am – 3:30pm


At the start of each Term, children will also be given two sessions times for 5 hours to make up their Preschool entitlement. Parents will be informed of this when the children are enrolled.

Enrolment Procedures

DECD Enrolment Policy:

All Children who turn four up to and including the 30th April are able to start kindergarten at the beginning of the year. Children who turn four on or after 1st May will start kindergarten at the beginning of the following year.

Enrolment Registration Form

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Starting at Hackney

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Transition visits are offered in Term 4 to children who are starting kindergarten the following year to assist with their introduction to kindergarten.

Parents are able to place their child’s name on a Preliminary Enrolment Form from 2 years of age. Should the number of children to be enrolled for the following year exceed available places our Priority of Access Procedure will come into effect. See Policies and Procedures.

Families will be contacted in Term 3 by phone or email to confirm your child’s enrolment at Hackney Kindergarten. Please contact the kindergarten if you would like more information.


An amenities fee is requested from all parents to assist with the general maintenance and the supply of resources for the kindergarten.

The amount of this termly fee is determined by the Governing Council and is comparable to other neighbouring kindergartens.

An invoice will be placed in your child’s pocket in the first few weeks of each term. Please pay this as promptly as possible.

  • Kindergarten: $250 per term
  • Transition visits: $20
  • Playgroup: $4 per visit